French Carmaker Creates Glasses to Combat Motion Sickness

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A French car manufacturer and its agency, Traction (BETC Group) have created an item to make their customers feel better as they travel with a means of transport.

We all experience a different degree of motion sickness when we get in a car. Some people are more affected by it, and according to the automaker, one in three people develops symptoms of motion sickness once in their life. Motion sickness usually happens when the brain gets confused because the eyes report different information than our inner ear. It doesn’t happen when people look out a window, but it happens more often when you look at an object inside the car, like at your phone or tablet.

Seetroën – The Glasses That Fix Motion Sickness

But Citroën and Traction introduce a pair of glasses named Seetroën to fix this issue.

Let’s all agree that these glasses are not fashionable at all, but they work, and you won’t even have to wear them more than 10 minutes.

These weird looking glasses use a “boarding ring” technology, which a French start-up developed, then patented and tested it – and it has an efficiency rate of 95%.

The rings around the eyes contain a colored liquid that moves right-left. The other rings have colored liquid which moves front-back. The motion of these liquids gives the impression you’re looking at an artificial horizon that makes the sight and ear synchronize.

According to Citroën, passengers can wear their Seetroën glasses for only 10-12 minutes. As a person starts wearing the glasses for that period and focuses on an unmoving object, the brain will no longer make the person nauseous.

Until the next time they climb into a vehicle, 95% of the people shouldn’t have motion sickness anymore.

The glasses will be available for purchase in limited quantities in the automaker’s lifestyle boutique.

However, the price is well over $100, a lot more than some ginger pills. Plus, a lot of us would take those pills instead of having people pointing or sharing photos of us on social media.

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