Do We Live in a Simulation? Why the World Might Be Far From What We Thought

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Who are we? Why are we here? What is life? Is there life after death? Can we actually live forever? Is there an objective purpose for life? Is there a God governing the Universe? Do aliens exist, or are they just the result of human imagination? Is the Universe truly infinite? And if not, is there anything beyond its boundaries? If there is nothing, how can we define that “nothing”? Humanity has been trying to find answers to these profound questions for centuries.

Perhaps the answer to at least a part of those questions has always been there under our noses for many years and we just didn’t accept it. Some people have the firm belief that we are living in a simulation, and before you say that they are simply nuts, you should definitely pay a bit of attention to their arguments:

The quantum physics interpretation

If you know anything at all about quantum physics, you know very well that we’re talking about a realm governed by entirely different laws than what we’re all used to. However, it may not come as a surprise that some interpretations of quantum physics, such as the idea that reality can exist in a state of probability until it is observed by someone, have caused speculation about the nature of reality. The weird aspects of quantum mechanics have fueled ideas that our reality might be only a simulation rather than a concrete and objective existence.

Simulation paradox

The simulation paradox suggests that if the possibility exists for a civilization to create simulations indistinguishable from reality, and if they create multiple such simulations, then the number of simulated realities would easily outnumber the one base reality. This makes us ask the question of whether it’s more probable for any given conscious observer to be in the base reality or in one of the simulated realities.

Technology advancements

We can see the imposing technology advancements right here on Earth that make us remain in awe many times. Who would have thought decades ago that everyone would have a computer right in their pockets or that artificial intelligence could become so incredibly advanced and convincing? Not to mention virtual reality, augmented reality, humanoid robots, and many more.

Therefore, there’s no wonder why some speculate that it’s conceivable for future or alien civilizations to create highly advanced simulations that cannot be distinguished from reality.

The Universe is unimaginably huge, which means that it’s pretty probable that alien civilizations might exist somewhere out there and possess technology that is much more advanced than the one from Earth. If we only take the observable Universe into account, we can realize that it’s roughly 93 billion light-years in diameter. But the crazy fact is that we’re only talking about the part of the Universe that scientists are able to measure, which is why it’s called “observable” in the first place.

Of course, nobody can guarantee that the world is indeed a simulation or not. After all, we’re only talking about theories here, but what’s for sure is that we all have a lot more to learn about the nature of the world we live in and how it works.

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