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The Oura Ring is a wellness tracker that seems to be just a piece of jewelry. However, around the inner edge of the ring, there are some interesting sensors that are responsible for a genuine and accurate health-tracking experience. And here’s the best thing: there is no display; instead, it has a clean finish that looks so fashionable. How cool is that?!

The Oura Ring 3, which is currently available for purchase, is the latest version. Unfortunately, there is no built-in GPS for activity monitoring or a large number of sport tracking profiles on the little device, which monitors a wide variety of metrics and statistics focused on sleep health and wellness tracking. Instead, the tiny gadget monitors a wide range of metrics and statistics. 

Find out more about the Oura ring below!

Oura 101: The Tech Guide You Need


The Oura Ring is a challenging yet brilliant health tracker that, despite being only slightly chunkier than a regular ring, can measure your activity, body temperature, sleep, recuperation, stress, and heart rate with its built-in research grade sensors. The Oura Ring is now available in an incredible variety of colors and sizes, and with the help of a sizing kit, you can get your perfect ring!  Then, to get the highest level of precision, the Ring should be worn on either the index or middle finger, and it should be as comfortably fitted as it can be without being too tight.

Additionally, in order to make the most of the Ring, you will be required to download the Oura app, which requires a monthly subscription fee of £4.99. The app provides a wealth of health-related information that is organized into three distinct categories: readiness, activity, and, of course, sleep monitoring.

How Does Oura Ring Work?

There are a lot of things that can be said about this fitness ring, and you won’t be bored under any circumstances! First, there is a feature that is both meaningful and cool. It is called the readiness score, and it is a feature that determines your readiness score by using your lowest heart rate at night, your body temperature, the activity you did the day before, your heart rate variability, and your sleep. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

It also takes into account the amount of exercise you have been doing over the previous 14 days in comparison to the amount of activity you have done over the last two months. This is done in order to assess whether or not you are engaging in a quantity of activity that is significantly more (or lower) than what your body is already accustomed to.

Then there is Oura’s sleep tracker, which is exceptional in its performance. The sleep tracker is the feature that truly differentiates it from other fitness gadgets that are currently available on the market. While you are asleep, the Oura Ring PPG (which is the infrared LED in the band that detects your health data) is able to detect even the smallest movements on your body. It is capable of completing fifty cycles per second, which allows it to achieve greater precision.

So, how does that feature actually work?

The Ring is able to detect your blood oxygen levels while you are sleeping. It then uses these readings to assess how exactly your body moves and absorbs oxygen, which can provide insight into any potential breathing difficulties you may be experiencing while you are sleeping. Finally, the data is available as soon as you wake up! You will be able to view your hypnogram, which is a graph that is extremely precise and classifies your stages of sleep into three separate groups: light, deep, and REM.

Oura’s ability to provide stress management is, without a doubt, another crucial element. This thing has the potential to actually help you get a better understanding of the factors that contribute to your stress and the techniques of recovery that are most suitable for you. Reflections, Oura’s newest journaling tool, is yet another choice for you to consider. Excellent!

Furthermore, Oura has introduced a new metric that is referred to as resilience. The purpose of this metric is to determine how well you recover from the effects of stress on your daily life. A ‘level’ of resilience will be assigned to you, which might be Exceptional, Strong, Solid, Adequate, or Limited.

Last but not least, discussing Oura’s activity tracker is something that we should absolutely do. First things first, you need to be aware that all of the scores that the Oura Ring provides you with impact each other. This means that if you have a particularly strenuous day of training sometime in the future, your readiness score will alter to ensure that you are providing yourself with sufficient time to rest and recuperate.

Listed below are all of the features that are included in the latest Oura ring:

Heart rate: The Oura Ring 3 is equipped with extra LEDs, which allow it to monitor the wearer’s heart rate throughout the day and night. 

Blood oxygen saturation: A computation of how much oxygen is present in your bloodstream is performed to determine your blood oxygen saturation. The Oura Ring 3 is the only device that offers this particular capability. Incredible!

Heart rate variability: This parameter is often used to inform stress estimations and contributes to Oura’s Readiness calculation. Heart rate variability follows the same pattern.

Period tracking: This Oura Ring 3 makes use of its temperature sensors to assist in determining when the next period might start!

Body temperature: Oura claims that the Ring 3 is equipped with many temperature sensors, which enables it to provide more precise readings of the user’s body temperature during the night. Detection of illnesses is another application for these data.

Respiratory rate: To determine the respiratory rate, the Oura Ring 3 monitors the fluctuations in heart rate during the night. This allows it to calculate the respiratory rate.

Sleep: The stages of sleep, the efficiency of sleep, the latency of sleep, and an indicator known as restfulness are tracked by the Oura Ring, and the Sleep Score function summarizes all of the data regarding sleep into a single value. If the number is higher, then the quality of sleep is higher.

General activity and workout tracking: Oura’s number of steps and daily range are two features. Estimations are added to its general activity and workout monitoring capabilities at the beginning of 2021. Additionally, Oura provided automatic activity identification for more than 30 different activities. Sleek!

Activity Score: Through this score, Oura communicates to users whether or not they have effectively achieved a healthy equilibrium between rest and activity.

Readiness Score: This is one of the three scores that Oura provides, and it indicates how prepared your body is to move physically. This score is determined by taking into account the resting heart rate, the variability of the heart rate, the body temperature, recuperation, sleep, the activity level from the previous day, and the activity balance data. As stated previously, the greater number is indicative of a successful recovery.

Compatibility: Oura Widgets, Apple Health, Google Fit, Health Connect, Strava, and Natural Cycles are all compatible with this product at this time.

Battery Life: The Oura Ring has a battery life that allows it to go for a full week without needing to be recharged. As a result of the app’s ability to notify you when the battery of your ring is becoming low, you won’t have to worry about it suddenly dying on you. Really smart!

Waterproof: The device is splash-proof up to a depth of one hundred meters. Because of this, you will be able to take showers and baths with the Oura Ring, as well as participate in recreational diving and long-distance swimming.

Oura Membership: The monthly fee for Oura Membership is $5.99 in the United States, €5.99 in Europe, and $6.99 in other territories, respectively. You will actually be able to enjoy a free trial of the software for a period of one month if you purchase a new Oura Ring 3 device.


What Kind of Accuracy Does the Oura Ring Have?

When it came to monitoring resting heart rate and heart rate variability, the Oura Ring performed almost exactly the same as a medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG) in a trial that was carried out back in January 2020 with a total of 49 participants. However, the Oura Ring was found to have certain inconsistencies in certain technical areas, according to a different study that was published in January 2022. This study implies that the Oura Ring could properly measure heart rate variability and heart rate during the night.

On the other hand, Oura recommends people focus on long-term patterns rather than “zero-point-something accuracy.” With regard to identifying the four basic sleep states, the Oura Ring demonstrated an accuracy rate of 76-78% when compared to a comprehensive sleep test. The Ring has an accuracy rating of between 92 and 93% when it comes to determining whether or not a user is asleep. The data was collected from 58 different people over the course of 157 nights.

Having said that, what are your thoughts on the Oura Rings? Are you willing to give it a shot? If you are familiar with Oura, please share your thoughts with us in the comments box below about your experience with the product!

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