Watch the Most Beautiful Tiger Breeds in Action

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Even though keeping a tiger in your own backyard would be a terrible mistake, as these animals can easily kill a human, we can’t deny the fact that they are extremely beautiful creatures. Nature has been very generous with those big cats, reminding us once again about the majesty of creation.

One sad aspect, however, is that there are only about 4,500 tigers left in the world, according to the WWF. Poaching remains the most immediate threat to wild tigers. Hopefully, these beautiful animals won’t go extinct. Here are some of the most beautiful tiger breeds:

Sumatran Tiger:

The Sumatran Tiger, which is also known as Panthera tigris sumatrae, is endemic to the Indonesian island of Sumatra. This animal is also the smallest surviving tiger breed, and it possesses a striking beauty that belies its size. The Sumatran tiger is known for its rich and dark orange coat, while the narrower stripes also stand out.

Malayan Tiger (Panthera tigris jacksoni):

The Malayan Tiger is native to the Malay Peninsula, and it boasts a coat color that ranges from deep ochre to pale yellow, while it often has fewer and narrower stripes compared to other tiger breeds. Despite its appearance, the Malayan tiger is known for having a quiet beauty and strength that can be very imposing most of the time.

Bengal Tiger

The Bengal tiger, a beautiful animal that’s also known as the Panthera tigris tigris, is perhaps the most renowned of all tiger breeds. This tiger is known for its vibrant orange coat adorned with bold and black stripes. If you want to see this animal live, you should go to places such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. Of course, this tiger can also attack humans in a lethal way, so be aware not to approach it!

Bali Tiger (Panthera tigris balica)

The Bali Tiger is currently considered extinct, unfortunately, but even so, historical records and preserved specimens provide us glimpses of the animal’s unique beauty. The coat color of the Bali Tiger ranges from golden-yellow to reddish-orange and bold black stripes. This tiger has mostly been seen on the Indonesian island of Bali, as you’ve probably already guessed.

Siberian Tiger

The Siberian tiger, also known as Panthera tigris altaica or the Amur tiger, represents the largest of all tiger breeds. This tiger possesses a thick fur coat that provides insulation in the face of harsh cold. The native habitat of the Siberian tiger is in the Russian Far East, as you’ve probably already guessed. The Siberian Tiger is characterized by a pale golden hue and distinctive black stripes, making it a symbol of wilderness and resilience.

South China Tiger (Panthera tigris amoyensis)

The South China Tiger is critically endangered and possibly even extinct in the wild. However, this beautiful animal has once roamed the forests of southern China, and it’s known for its pale fur and distinctively spaced-out stripes. We can have high hopes that this animal won’t go extinct, however, as it represents a very beautiful and unique tiger breed.

Even though tigers can easily kill a human, most of these animals will only attack us if they cannot satisfy their needs in other ways. Tigers usually show no preference for human meat.

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