Windows Vista: Was the OS Really That Bad?

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The world now has Windows 11 and Windows 10 installed on most laptops and desktop PCs capable of running such operating systems. In extremely rare cases, you can still find people who rely on older operating systems, such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or even Windows XP.

One of the most controversial operating systems released by Microsoft was Windows Vista, an operating system that is nowadays considered “dead.” The Redmond-based tech giant no longer offers any kind of support for it, but even so, Windows Vista had its fair share of fans for its time. Vista was released in 2007, and it was a highly controversial operating system. A lot of Microsoft users were upset at what Vista could do, as they were expecting a lot more from Microsoft. But even so, we can’t actually say that Microsoft Vista was such a bad operating system as its most harsh critics claim, and let’s explain why:

New features and improvements

Compared to Windows XP, which is widely considered one of the best operating systems ever released by Microsoft, Windows Vista brought some interesting improvements and new features. For instance, better security measures were introduced, making it more difficult for hackers and cyber attackers to get into users’ systems. Enhanced multimedia capabilities were also there, and let’s also not forget about the redesigned user interface, regardless of how subjective this one may sound.

Windows Search

Let’s face it: finding an old or even recent file on your computer can truly be frustrating sometimes, which is why the good old search function can always come in handy. Therefore, we need to admit that Windows Vista has included an enhanced search tool that allows users to rapidly find documents and files they are interested in. The improved search function for Vista was included in the Start menu and even Windows Explorer, making it a lot easier and more efficient for the users to organize their files and retrieve them when needed.

Improved networking features

You probably didn’t know that Windows Vista is also known for introducing enhancements when it comes to networking capabilities, such as IPv6 support, improved wireless networking support, and the Network Center for managing network connections and settings.

Windows Defender

If you’re using Windows Defender on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC and you find it useful, you need to thank Windows Vista for introducing it to Microsoft’s operating systems. We are obviously talking about a built-in antispyware tool that has the power to protect the user against malicious software and undesired programs. Windows Defender has proven to be able of automatic scanning, real-time protection, and even removal of spyware and other software that could harm the user’s computer.

Better multimedia capabilities

If you’re into music, surely you need to appreciate Microsoft’s work for including improvements to multimedia capabilities in Windows Vista. A good example would be the Windows Media Player 11 tool, which supports new audio and video formats, as well as the Windows Photo Gallery for those who love taking photos.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that Microsoft didn’t fail to admit the problems that Windows Vista had and tried to fix a part of them through updates and service packs.

Regardless if you consider Windows Vista a mess or not, the good news is that the operating system was followed by Windows 7 in 2009, which is considered even today the best operating system that Microsoft ever had.

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