IOC to use Rio anti-doping vials for Pyeongchang, says WADA

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The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) recommended to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to use the old flasks of the Rio 2016 Olympics for the Pyeongchang Games next month, following doubts about the constitution of the Olympic Games. new sampling bottles.

On Tuesday, the IOC said it was “very concerned” by allegations that the new anti-doping vials for Pyeongchang, supplied by Swiss manufacturer Berlinger, could be opened.

According to WADA, several new generation containers used to collect urine samples under the anti-doping program were “likely to be manually opened without any evidence of tampering, whether frozen or not. “.

The new flasks were commissioned in 2017 to increase safety after investigators discovered that the Russians were able to sneak open the bottles at the Sochi Olympics and exchange “dirty” urine samples with “clean” samples previously provided by the same athlete.

After determining that the new containers could be “opened after being properly locked,” WADA noted that it still had enough flasks dating back to 2016, in Rio, to meet the needs of the Games. from Pyeongchang. These will begin February 9 in South Korea.

“At this point, we recommend the IOC to use the previous bottle model, which is still used by several anti-doping agencies around the world. This is a preventative measure that will maintain the integrity of the anti-doping process at the Olympics, “said WADA Director General Olivier Niggli.

“WADA will continue to gather information and explore solutions with Berlinger and others to maintain the integrity of the process. Berliger has already agreed to relaunch the production of the 2016 model. ”

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