Newborn found outside: police

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Toronto police said on Tuesday morning that a preterm newborn was found alone in the outdoor walkway of a shopping center on Lawrence West Avenue in northwestern Toronto. But in the afternoon, the thread of events has blurred.

In the morning on Tuesday, police said a newborn was found at approximately 10:30 am in the outer passage between two businesses, near an LCBO cargo dock. But during an afternoon update, the police told Canadian Press that on arrival, the baby was inside and in a safe place.

The baby’s mother was found and given medical help.

Initial information from he police reported of a baby found outside that could have been born on a sidewalk adjacent to the passageway where it had been discovered. The police then claimed that a passerby would have found the infant naked and outside, wrapped him in a garment and taken him home before calling the paramedics.

Then in the afternoon, police officers told The Canadian Press that they did not know if the newborn was born on the spot or if it had been deposited in the outside passageway after it was born.

Later in the afternoon, the news agency reported that the Toronto police were now saying that when the officers arrived, the baby was inside and warm. She added that he was conscious and breathing.

The police did not say whether the baby had been in the way or whether he had stayed inside from the beginning. We do not know where the baby was except for the fact that he was inside.

Gary Long of Toronto Police confirmed to Radio-Canada that the baby was born prematurely.

The baby’s condition deteriorated, so Tuesday night he was in critical but stable condition at Humber River Hospital.

Police say they are looking at camera surveillance footage of the area

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