Car sculpted in snow receives a ticket

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An amateur artist, inspired by the snow that fell last weekend, sculpted a snow car on Prieur Street between Curotte and Hamel avenues on Sunday afternoon.

The photo of the sculpture has been relayed more than a thousand times on Facebook. “I’m surprised the interest that it arouses, this is not the first time I do that,” says Simon Laprise, the origin of the work.

In recent years, this resident of the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville, in the north of Montreal, has made five cars of the same type, but this is the first time he has directly exhibited his creations at the curb.

Play a trick on snow removal

At 1 am Monday morning, he went to see if his car carved had been removed from the edge of the street. He found a ticket on which it was written: “You made our evening !!! […] “The Police Service of the City of Montreal told us that this paper seemed to come from their services.

The next day, the sculpture had been removed.

Mr. Laprise took four hours to model his car in snow. An activity that allows him to “play outside and create something,” he says. Taking advantage of all the snow that had fallen in recent days, he also wanted to “play a little trick on the snow-clearers”.

New works in sight

But the artist does not stop there. “I intend to continue doing so. It’s fun, it’s free material, and it keeps fit, “he explains.

Rex Austin

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