Bad weather makes traveling difficult in parts of Canada

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Montreal’s roads were particularly slippery Sunday morning, as snow and blowing snow made travel difficult.

Highway 40 was closed for just over an hour, on the night of Saturday to Sunday at Pointe-Claire, in Montreal, because of an accident.

Environment Canada is forecasting 5 cm of snow for Sunday in Montreal. This rainfall is expected to continue until Monday morning. Blowing snow is to be expected in places.

As for the temperature, it should reach a maximum of -1 degree Celsius in the day, and a low of -6 degrees during the night, Sunday.

Elsewhere in Quebec, extreme cold warnings affect central Quebec and the North Shore. Mercury could fall below -40 degrees Sunday. Heavy snowfall, up to 30 cm, is also expected for part of the North Shore and for central and southern Gaspésie. In the Québec region, up to 15 cm of snow are expected in the day, Sunday, with a maximum of -5 degrees.

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