14 People Got Infected with Respiratory Viruses in Alberta

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Recently, a report done by health officials from Alberta has stated that the 14 people that came to the hospital with symptoms that mirrored those of influenza were suffering from a variety of respiratory like viruses that are quite common. Our main goal is to tell the backstory behind this and how the situation was resolved.

How did this happen?

One Wednesday afternoon paramedics were called to the Stoney Nakoda First Nation after a four-month-old baby girl was found dead on the scene and another child was in a life-threatening condition. Fourteen members of that particular family had to be transported to the Alberta Children’s Hospital located in Calgary.

Out of the 14 that were brought to the hospital with respiratory issues, 10 are still hospitalized. This includes the little child that was found in a life-threatening condition who is now stable and on the path to recovery.

When asked to say more about this matter, the Alberta Health Offices did not want to disclose much more on this particular topic. They said that no other individuals are at risk and that the situation is being taken care of by the medical staff. The public should not worry since this is not an unknown virus that is spreading rapidly; this was simply a situation that had to be taken care of. When asked to tell the public how the child died, they said that they are not going to do that out of respect for the child that passed away and his family.

So far the health officials do not know for sure what kinds of viruses were involved but the investigation is still underway. This winter season has brought a wave of flu infections that has been higher than usual, with around 1000 children that were below the age of 16 getting hospitalized up to the end of March.

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