Google Privacy Settings Steps – Stay Safe Worldwide

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When one uses Google, one thinks that his or her information is stored but that if they delete, that it gets deleted permanently. However, that is not the case since Google has been known to store all the data that is had on you.

Moreover, you should learn how to tweak your privacy settings so that you do not share or allow apps or websites to track your activity. You can never be 100% sure that you are a ghost on the web but you can take the steps needed to make you feel safer.

How to check your privacy level

If you want to see how secure you are then you should click into My Account and perform a Security Checkup and a Privacy Checkup. The Security Checkup is going to show you a number of things, such as Recent Security Activity, 2-Step Verification, Your Devices and Third-Party Access.

If any of these four have a yellow mark next to them then you should go and check them out as soon as possible. If you do not have a 2-Step Verification set up then you should get on and do that since it ensures that if someone steals your password then he or she still can’t get into your account.

The Privacy Checkup lets you see just what Google does with your data. For one, it lets you manage the setting of your Youtube account. The next step is the privacy that you have with Google Photos, such as removing face recognition and removing geo-tagging from them. If you have by any chance a Google+ account then the Privacy Checkup lets you see what you have shared on it and it lets you modify things to make you feel more secure.

We recommend that you all go and check to see just how private your information is and, if it is not as private as you’d like, then go and tweak those settings as fast as possible.

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