Trial Against Private Clinics for Speedier Treatment in British Columbia

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Today we will be looking at the case of Tamara Parrales and how that situation evolved into a mass action against the problems that the public health care system is going through.

Parrales’ experience

After this woman went for a number of times to the emergency department, she was told by a specialist that she could probably have ovarian cancer but that the result of the MRI would come only after a couple of months.

Faced with such a difficult choice, she was not ready to wait around to hear the bad news so she went to a private clinic and paid to have her test and her ovarian cancer surgery. She found it problematic that in the public system she would have had to wait so long to get tested and taken care of as she was suffering from cancer.

The case against private clinics

While these private clinics are not illegal, what is illegal is the fact that paying for medical care is a clear violation of the Canada Health Act. The government does not want to admit that there is a problem with wait lists. However, if the wait list is transferred from the private clinic system to the public system, how does that help make anything better?

Doctor Trina Larsen Soles wanted to state that she completely agrees that patients should be given medical care whether or not they are able to pay for it, since it is one of their rights. Additionally, she stated that she can perfectly understand that some physicians cannot operate every patient that comes to them since they have a limited operating room capacity.

This is why she hopes that the government will stick to his promise to make use of operating rooms more efficiently, especially for people that are in line to get a knew or hip replacement surgery.

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