Could there be alien life in Salty Lakes in the Arctic?

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It looks like researchers have just found out a number of salty lakes in the Arctic. These scientists came from the University of Alberta. The main person to be credited for this discovery is Anja Rutishauser, a PhD student that uncovered these never before seen salty lakes deep within the surface while she was taking a closer looks at the bedrock formation beneath the Devon Ice Cap. It has been said that these findings could help the search that people have been going through for a long time in order to find alien life.

More details about these glaciers

These salty lakes were found deep within the surface of the Canadian Arctic, to be more exact they were discovered at 1800-2460 feet of ice below the surface. AS with most great discoveries, the interesting factor lies with the fact that the team of researchers was not looking for these lakes and that it was all pure coincidence.

They were mostly surprised to see that there was liquid water deep within the ice caps at temperatures that get to almost 10 degrees below Celsius.

These salty lakes were given the name of the Devon lakes (since they were found below the Devon Ice Cap) and the high level of saltiness found in these lakes could be a great indicator for researchers to create a parallel between our lakes on Earth and those on other planets.

Were the scientists to ever come into contact with a sample of the water that is in these lakes, they could try to test it for forms of microbial life. If there are microbial life forms then that could be and indicator that forms of microbial life can also be found in the similar lakes coming from other planets, such as Jupiter, but that remains to be seen.

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