Dengue Vaccine is Risky, Warns WHO. Can We Prevent The Deadly Disease?

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Last year thousands of people died because of the disease brought by mosquito stings. Now, there is a dengue vaccine, but the World Health Organization stated that the vaccine might have a potential risk, protecting people from the disease, but exposing them to others.

So, WHO has informed countries to screen the population before they offer the vaccines, and only inject the ones that have made the tests and were infected with dengue.

The viral disease is caused by mosquito stings and symptoms are body ache, headache, high fever, loss of appetite, mucosal bleeding and vomiting. The only way to treat it is to get enough fluids and rest in bed.

How To Prevent Getting Dengue

It’s usually better to prevent getting infected, so there are different ways we can protect from the dengue fever.

First of all, make sure that near your house or inside it, there is no stagnant water. that is the place where mosquitos breed. Either keep all water containers covered, or empty them.

Keep the doors and windows closed in the evening. When dusk comes, mosquitos start paying us a visit. So, to keep them out of your house shut doors and windows – and check if they have any holes in them.

When you’re in the outdoors, try to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants, because mosquitos are pretty active this time of the year.

Natural Repellants

When all else fails, use repellents on the exposed skin. If you don’t want to use chemicals, apply neem oil or coconut oil before going to sleep. In the outdoors, get a mosquito repellent patch and stick it on your clothes.

Inside the house, use repellant and spray the house regularly. You can also get a tulsi plant outside the house that will prevent mosquitoes to breed in the area. Burn camphor for 15-20 minutes and the fumes will keep them away. Or you can also keep inside the house some neem leaves.

Keep mosquitoes away with a garlic spray that you can make at home. Boil a few cloves in some water and spray the water around the house.

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