Longevity Supported by Good Sleep and Vitamin D

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Most of us whether we like to admit it or not have had trouble sleeping at one point or another in our lives. In some cases insomnia is caused by stress due to our active life styles, our jobs or even our family but most often than not the simple answer to better sleep that leaves you waking up and feeling rested is vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency

Some of us like to think that in order to get vitamin D we need to spend more time in the sun. Yes, that is true but the fact that we now wear sunscreen and we try to choose shady areas since they are cooler drastically limits the level of vitamin D that our skin can absorb. Doctors recommend that the best time for one to absorb vitamin D is when our shadow is shorter than our height since this angle ensures that we have the right amount of UVB exposure.

Canadians seem to be going through a hard time, a majority of them complaining of irregular sleep schedules. Those that got more vitamin D in their diets reported that they slept better, woke up feeling rested and that they saw inflammatory pain level dropping.

Now, in Canada vitamin D gets added into regular milk, soy milk, orange juice and even cereal, all to try and prevent rickets, a disease that sets in when one does not get enough vitamin D in their system. Foods that have a lot of vitamin D are egg yolks, fatty fish, salmon, beef liver and mackerel.

In order to have enough vitamin D, health Canada does recommend that you ingest between 400 and 4000 IU on a daily basis. Most doctors recommend that you take your vitamin D supplements in the morning since they may cause melatonin production to stop.

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