Five Tips to Help You Start Start Running

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The best cardio workout is running, but it’s also something we always have an excuse not to start doing some simple cardio. Running doesn’t have to be boring. You just have to get off the couch and put on a good pair of shoes fit for running and hit the road.

Find a running buddy or get your favorite tunes with you, and running can start being enjoyable. Here’s some tips to help you along your way.

1. Good Running Shoes And Other ‘Tools’

The first step to start running is having comfortable footwear to keep your feet free from injuries and make your runs more enjoyable. When you go and buy a pair of running shoes, ask for assistance. You need the right fit, a durable and flexible footwear that can help you increase your performance.

Women also need a supportive sports bra. And another tool you really need with you is a bottle of water. You must replace the lost fluids and keep hydrated. Nobody is eager to run with a dry mouth…

2. Start Small

Never start running fast. Just ease into it and build resistance, let your body grow accustomed to the strain of running and always do some stretching before that, to properly warm your muscles. Then, gradually, add a minute of running to every 4-5 minutes of walking. You will see that in time, you can increase the amount of running to double, without over exerting yourself.

3. Set Goals

It’s important that you have a goal. Use an app on your smartphone to calculate your pace, distance and achievements. It will keep you motivated and perhaps in the end, you’ll even participate in a Marathon like Wings for Life World Run, for example.

4. Pay Attention to Your Body

You need to get some rest and take a break for a day after the first run. Your body needs to build endurance in time, so it can prepare the muscles and the bones for the next session of workout.

And if you don’t want to rest, go for a swim or join a yoga class. Or just stay at home and do some stretches. A massage is also great to relax those muscles for the next run.

5. Run In Your Own Style

Make your running enjoyable. Listen to your favorite music, or join a running club. Find a good running surface and location: fast running requires pavement, softer surfaces are in the park or forest, and sandy surfaces help building calf muscles. You can also run in the indoors anytime of the year.

You will see that running is great for your body and for your mind!

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