Pink Moon will Appear in the Sky on April 29

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If you keep your eyes on the sky you will something beautiful on Sunday. April 29 comes with a full moon that is a bit different from the rest. This one is called “pink moon”. Let’s see what this moon actually represents and whether it will turn pink tonight.

The Pink Full Moon

The pink moon is not something unique, and it has appeared in the sky before. We also witnessed blue moon, orange moon and yellow moon. In April, the full moon is known as pink, and this name comes from Northern Native Americans who used to associate it with the blossoms of the sphinx flowers.

The pink moon is known under other names as well, including full sprouting grass moon, egg moon, full fish moon. The full sprouting grass moon comes from the fact that vegetation tends to sprout in spring. The egg moon is associated with all the animal mating that usually happens during spring, while the full fish moon name comes from the fact that fish spawn in the spring.

Turning pink

You might think that “pink moon” is just a name, but there is in fact a big chance that we will actually see a moon that is pink. This is what happened last year on April 11, and footage revealed that the moon turned pink as it rose.

If you want to catch the moon rising and you live on the East Coast, you should keep your eyes on the sky around 7:30-7:45 p.m. EST. This is the only pink moon for this year, and the next one will show up on April 19, 2019. Therefore, if you want to see the pink moon this is your last chance for 2018, so take advantage of it.

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