Space-Watching Group B612: They’re 100% Certain Earth Will Be Hit By An Asteroid

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B612 Foundation says that we’re going to be hit by an asteroid and it’s 100% certain we’re going to be wiped out. And before you think it’s all a conspiracy theory, these guys are not who you think they are. They are a group of scientists and astronauts and they believe that our planet will be hit by an asteroid that can destroy all life on earth.

Their group contains important astronomers, engineers and many scientists that know what they’re studying. This is part of their proclamation:

“We work to make interpretation of asteroid data open and accessible, and we serve as an informed source for an international community of policy makers and scientists who can best help to achieve these goals.”

They use history and technology to study how our earth will handle incoming asteroids. Looking back millions of years ago, asteroids wiped out dinosaurs and almost all life on Earth. And there’s nothing that can assure us it won’t happen again.

90% of Classified Asteroids Still Leaves Behind Millions of Undiscovered Space Rocks

Even NASA and other space agencies have been closely watching any potential collision with Earth, identifying almost 90% of them, according to NASA’s claims.

But the foundation worries about many other factors.

First, the B612 foundation president Danica Remy says that “the telescopes’ field of view is very small and the sky is very big.” We might see the asteroid closing in to the planet too late to do something about it.

Then, there’s also the issue of the 10% of the asteroids that haven’t been found yet. And there could be millions of doomsday-worthy asteroids out there.

Pulling The Rock Away From Earth With Gravity

While NASA and other Agencies hope nothing gets that close to Earth, the Foundation has a different agenda. They know of a way to keep an asteroid away from our planet. They can use a spacecraft and tug the rock into a safer orbit, using gravity.

Looking on the bright side of the Doomsday asteroid, there could be millions of years until an asteroid causes extinction on Earth. Probably, by now, we would evolve to spread to space and colonize other planets.

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