Google Maps: Alien Structures Seen in Desert

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Alien structures somewhere down in the Egyptian desert have been revealed by Google Maps, as conspiracy theorists show.

The satellite imaging administration has uncovered vast numbers of the world’s riddles, including phantoms and the Loch Ness Monster.

Furthermore, its most recent series of snaps, taken from the desert east of Cairo, are among the most peculiar.

About the video

YouTube channel called SecureTeam10 claims that the odd markings in the photo are the remaining parts of alien buildings.

In the video, which has been seen for more than 1 million times, lets us see a two pointed structure, like an open pair of scissors.

The structure is likewise encompassed by various circles.

What is it, in fact?

The narrator called Tyler Gluckner stated that a few people have said that this is a passageway to a secret army base or something like that, or perhaps parking a tank or artillery position.

In any case, we’re not entirely sure about that. It would seem that there’s some freemason imagery to these structures, and we’ve never fully observed any structures that could resemble this.

He likewise adds that the structures look like they’re leading deep into the underground.

Analysts have overflowed the video with hypotheses about the sources of the structure, running from a secret base to a solar power factory.

Jen B stated that each circle has three entrance and all are different from each other.

Super Grover wanted to say that it’s an alien base.

Long Shadow additionally stated that it’s an unusual situation, that there aren’t generally any streets or vigorously utilized vehicle tracks prompting the doors.

A Google maps picture from Snowdonia, Wales, had conspiracy theorists saying that small markings were left by aliens.

What’s more, a stunned lady cases to have spotted substantial alien developments overshadowing a mountain on Google Maps in the Scottish Highlands.

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