Google Home Max Launches In Canada On May 16: Praising Canadian Engineers and Specialists

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The big speaker from Google is going to show up on May 16. It’s called Google Home Max, and the product’s development involved Canadian engineers and specialists.

This speaker is 13.3 inches wide, 6.1 inches deep and 7.5 inches tall, reaching a weight of 11.7 lbs. Google says it’s “20 times more powerful” than the first Google Home device. And if you want some loud music, you can count on the Max!

The Home Max is what music lovers want. It’s a premium device that provides an excellent service, along with the Google Assistant feature. There are three options so far: Google Home for a living room, Google Home Mini for a desk and the Max which is the best device to entertain a large crowd.

The Google Office in Kitchener, Ontario

As we have already mentioned, the engineers at the Google office in Ontario were part of the machine learning used in the Home devices.

Raunaq Shah is the senior product manager at Google, and he says:

“There’s a ton of hardware engineering that’s gone into this product, from the acoustics to the AI and machine learning. There are pain points in the home that we feel we are able to solve by a combination of these factors.”

The team in Kitchener also helped design the Google Home app to allow it to interact with other Home hardware, be it iOS or Android.

Montreal Teaching The Google Assistant the Quebecois Dialect

In Montreal, Google product specialists aided the Google Assistant to learn French (the Quebecois dialect). The Assistant can speak the dialect and can even tell French jokes! Shah explains their goal:

“Making sure that we cover the spoken languages of the market is important to us and that’s something we’re constantly improving.”

If you already own a Google Home device or a Chrome Audio device, there’s no need to worry, because the Max can combine and create a stereo pair.

The Google Home Max will be available on the Canadian market on 16 May, in Google Store and Best Buy. Buyers can get one in either chalk or charcoal colors.

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