New Study Recommends a Low Carb Diet For Diabetics

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We already know that carbs do not have the best reputation, especially among those who plan to lose some weight. In patients with diabetes, doctors and nutritionists advise lowering the intake of carbs.

A new study strengthens this idea, showing that a diet low in carbs can lead to better control of blood sugar levels in type-1 diabetes. The study was recently published in the journal Pediatrics, where researchers have used groups of children on special diets.

The kids received a low-carb diet, but rich in proteins. Researchers found that the children’s bodies could better control the blood sugar levels.

Researchers used data from an “online survey of an international social media group for people” that had Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM). The study contained 316 cases of children with T1DM, between the age of 14-16. They followed a Very Low Carb Diet (VLCD) for 2-4 years, with a carbohydrate intake ranging between 15 gms – 366 gms.

The report concluded that:

“Exceptional glycemic control of T1DM with low rates of adverse events was reported by a community of children and adults who consume a VLCD.”

However, the authors of the report also said that the study would need further research and “high-quality randomized controlled trials.”

The report argues that the glycemic control of T1DM is still elusive and the dietary approach in restricting the intake of carbohydrate is promising, but yet poorly studied in order to achieve a conclusion.

The Best Foods Great for a Low Carb Diet

Nonetheless, we have some examples of low-carb foods that can help you keep a normal blood sugar level. Chicken has no carbs, and it is also a popular type of lean meat. Salmon is low on carbs, healthy lean meat and rich in omega three fatty acids. Mushroom, broccoli, and tomatoes are low in carbs, calories and are all superfoods.

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