A Daily Consumption of Yogurt Can Ease Chronic Inflammation, Says New Study

For those that love eating yogurt, researchers say go ahead!

A study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin Madison discovered that daylily consumption of yogurt can calm chronic inflammation. The paper was recently published in the The Journal of Nutrition.

Chronic inflammation is related to health problems like arthritis and asthma and other disease like: inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and many other diseases. The fact that yogurt could help relief some of the inflammation is great news.

Eating Yogurt Before a 900 Calorie Breakfast

The study gathered participants that were fed 226.7g of low-fat yogurt before breakfast. A second group of participants received the same breakfast, but without yogurt. Participants ate sausages, hash browns and muffins (900 calories). Researchers tested the levels of inflammatory markers in the blood stream of these participants and found that they had a lower level than the group that didn’t eat yogurt before their meal.

The results showed that yogurt lessened inflammation and is a great alternative to pills that treat the condition. Yogurt is safer than drugs and if eating regularly, it can replace treatments. It also boots good bacteria in the gut, where inflammatory molecules are stopped from entering the blood stream and cause pain.

Further Tests Show Similar Results

A second test analyzed the results of 120 women. Half of them were obese, and half had a normal weight. For nine weeks, some of the women received 12oz low-fat yogurt every day and the rest of them consumed non-dairy pudding.

Results from blood samples showed that yogurt is a good natural anti-inflammatory product. However, researchers are still wondering what compound in yogurt has the property to lower inflammation. They will conduct further testing to identify the components.

Previous studies also point to yogurt being a good product in reducing the risk of diabetes. In any case, yogurt is a healthy snack we should eat daily. It’s important to notice that the study only focused on yogurt with no added fats, sugars, flavors or other ingredients.

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