Feeding Your Pet Raw Food Does Not Come With the Benefits You Were Hoping For

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Feeding your pet raw food has become a trend lately. That is because most pet owners believe that this is a healthy habit for their animal, and it is something normal for them. In fact, raw pet food is preferred and some pet owners choose to replace dry diets with this.

However, while there are many supporters of the raw food diet, there are also opponents as well. According to those who do not agree with this diet, there is no scientific evidence that proves the advantages of raw food.

Raw food might be dangerous

A new study from Netherlands came with some worrisome results for those who feed their pets raw food. It appears that this food might be in fact dangerous for animals. In fact, raw food could even be dangerous for you, as you could pick up something unpleasant if you continue to keep it in your kitchen.

Abandoning business

The raw food fad was very popular for a while. Dr Lyn Thomson is a veterinarian who founded a pet food shop based on this concept. The store was named Raw Essentials and it was opened back in 2008. Shortly after, Dr Thompson expanded the line and a chain of nine stores was built in Auckland and Hamilton. These stores tried to promote raw diets and they presented them as healthy options for both dogs and dogs.

However, even Dr Thompson admitted that she might be wrong. Recently she sold her business so she can research the benefits of this diet. Dr Lyn Thompson is going to the United Kingdom and there she will work as a researcher with The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society. After the research is completed we might find out the actual pros and cons of a raw diet. In the meantime, a pet shop online is always safer.

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