NASA Astronaut Struggles With Basic Camera Technology

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Astronauts are people just like us, and they make embarrassing mistakes too. This week the internet focused on a NASA astronaut who went through a simulcast spacewalk. The man appeared to have some trouble with a basic GoPro camera, and he finally ended up realizing that he had forgotten an essential element.

No SD card

The video shows the astronaut confused about the “No SD alert.”  “Hey, uh, Houston, I gotta ask a question about the GoPro real quick. Pushing the button, I see a ‘No SD’ [alert]. … Do I need that to record? And if it’s recording, is there supposed to be a red light on?” he asks.

Finally, the ground team told him that there should be a red light if it is recording, as long as there is a card in it. However, it appears that there was no card in it.

“And if it says ‘No SD,’ what does that mean?” the astronaut askes.

“I think that means no card,” mission control answers the team.

This was supposed to be the moment where the cosmonaut realized his mistake. “Well, let’s just forget it for now. I’ll get it later. Let’s just not worry about it,” he added. We do not know yet what happened to the SD card or if the cosmonaut ever had it.

The video appeared on NASA’s official Twitch account on Wednesday. Ever since the video has been shared by thousands of users, who amused themselves. NASA did not reveal the name of the mysterious cosmonaut.

However, another video indicates that it was Andrew Feustel, who is aboard the ISS in Expedition 55, launched back in March. Feustel has a Ph.D. in geological sciences, and he has the experience of two spaceflights, back in 2009 and in 2011.

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