Unlock Doors with the New NFC Features Coming From Apple iOS 12

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Great news for gadget lovers! Apple will reveal their new iOS at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), on 4-8 June. They won’t talk about hardware, but the iOS 12 will bring interesting new features.

New NFC Capabilities in iPhones – Unlocking Doors

Until now, NFC on iPhones is used to make mobile payments and to use Apple Pay. The NFC on iPhone has more features than the one on Android phones. But a new report on Apple iOS 12 says that users will also be able to unlock their doors with this technology.

NFC is the short name for near-field communication, and Apple is looking to get more out of it. The report says that iPhone users would be used to pay for transportation, to open doors and to verify identity with the NFC chip on the iPhones.

The report also mentioned that the new NFC feature is already used by Apple employees to open the doors in the offices or to exit buildings. NFC is a more secure way to authenticate than Bluetooth.

An earlier report on Bloomberg pointed out that the codename for Apple iOS 12 is ‘Peace,’ and instead of rushing in with many new features, it will focus on better quality. If the features that cannot be finished until the release, they will be available for the next iOS build – iOS 13.

Apple will release the new iOS after WWDC 2018, first as a public beta, for testing. The final build will be available in mid-September, after the release of the next generation of iPhone X will be revealed.

A Phone to Open Doors

As for opening doors with an iPhone is great news for companies, government agencies and people who like having a smart home. Locking and unlocking with NFC is far more secure for the connection and authentication process. As long as you don’t lose the phone, you can safely lock and unlock your home, or office doors.

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