Don’t Use Ready-Made Sauces! Study Shows It Increases the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

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If you’re used to cooking with ready-made sauces, there’s some bad news. According to a new study presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting in Chicago that took place last weekend, women that consume these sauces are three times more likely to develop breast cancer.

Researchers found that some foods can increase the risk of inflammation. People should steer clear from ready-made sauces, bakery goods like bread and pies which are industrially produced and processed meats.

These foods damage DNA and increase the risk of cancer.

The study presented at the meeting showed that women who ate a lot of those foods had 39% more risk to develop breast cancer compared to those that ate less of the inflammatory foods. The women that consumed inflammatory foods also had an increased risk of 2.72 times to develop the triple-negative type of breast cancer, which is difficult to treat.

Experts admitted that they would need to get more evidence before they recommend women to cut certain types of food.

What to Eat and What to Avoid Eating

The leader of the study at Instituto du Salud Carlos III in Spain is Professor Adela Castello, who stated that women who ate large quantities of unhealthy food were at an increased risk. She also added that they don’t forbid eating those foods:

“Our advice is not get obsessed. Eating processed meat, fast foods or sweets once or twice a week probably won’t hurt you. The general advice for healthy dietary habits also serves for cancer prevention. Eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains daily; fish, legumes and nuts three or four times a week; and red meats once or twice per week.”

She recommends that people should generally “avoid as much as possible processed meats, convenience and fast food, industrial bakery, sweets, sugared drinks and high-fat dairy products.” She also added that we should “use olive oil as the main dietary fat for cooking and dressing. Avoiding alcohol consumption is also recommended.”

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