Conflict-Free Diamonds And Natural Diamonds Are What You Should Buy

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Many shops sell diamonds, but almost none of these shops have a steady source of 100% certified conflict-free diamonds. Sometimes, people worry about the ethics involved in the process of diamond mining which is sometimes still tainted by conflicts and mistreated personnel involved in the processed of mining and cutting these precious stones.

Even though most buyers can be pretty sure there was nothing wrong with the history of the diamonds they have purchased, some shops can guarantee the fairness of the entire process, from diamonds mining to trading. There aren’t many diamonds shops like this, but they exist.

Look For Conflict-Free Diamonds

For example, some diamonds are certified as conflict-free diamonds, but if the miners are paid unfair wages, the stones are still fitting the “conflict-free” label.

If we really care about the ethics behind one of the most valuable goods in our society, we should look beyond the conflict-free issue, such as fair wages for all those involved throughout the entire process, from mine to market, also including the miners, not just the diamonds cutters.

Buy Only Ethically Sourced Conflict-Free Diamonds And Natural Diamonds

For diamonds to be described as 100% ethically sourced, they need to be conflict-free, have their ethical source guaranteed, and all the companies involved in the process should pay fair wages to all those involved in the mining and cutting processes.

One of the few shops we know about that can fully adhere to these qualifications is Antwerp Or.

This charming third-generation family-owned jewelry shop that is located in Antwerp, Belgium, in the so-called diamond district, is an example of a retailer that can supply conflict-free diamonds to any location in the world with insured shipping that is also free. Of course, the whole selection of loose diamonds they sell online is GIA-certified.

100% Natural Diamonds

For a long-term resale value of diamonds, it’s far better to purchase only 100% natural diamonds, as the diamonds mining process in this case will always be a resource-demanding process, while the processes of creating artificial diamonds will only get cheaper with time.

In the latter case, the long-term resale value of lab-made diamonds will get lower and lower as time progresses.

The process of mining 100% natural diamonds remains a costly one, year after year, which is also a good guarantee that it will respect and maintain a significant amount of the diamonds’ intrinsic value throughout the decades.

On top of that, the imperfections that make natural diamonds what they are makes every single one unique, having a shine and luster of its own. The result is a much larger amount of visual diversity for the buyers and diamonds lovers.

The Bottom Line

When buying diamonds people have the tendency to think about the origins of these stones. However, not many shops are easily disclosing such information.

That is why you should only rely on conflict-free diamonds and jewelry shops. When it comes to diamonds, Antwerp Or is the best one in many ways. First, they only sell conflict-free diamonds and 100% natural diamonds, while, secondly, they can offer you any information on the diamonds’ origins, from the diamonds mining to marketing, and they are GIA-certified.

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