The Best Airport Wi-Fi in Canada is in Calgary. Montreal’s Is The Worst in Canada and US!

Among the Canadian airports, the best free Wi-Fi is in the Calgary International Airport. It is also the third fastest free Wi-Fi in the 24 biggest North American airports.

The findings come from a report conducted by Ookla, through the internet metrics service Speedtest. The report looked at the download and upload speeds in airports over a period of four months (January – April 2018). They saw that the average download speed in Calgary’s International Airport was of 67.23 megabytes per second (Mbps). The average upload speed was 87.99 Mbps.

The first two airports with better Wi-Fi speed are the ones in Seattle and Denver.

At the other end of the list, the lowest speed of Wi-Fi is at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Montreal. It has the speed of a sloth, downloading with 6.41 Mbps and uploading with 6.81 Mbps. If you’re checking something on the internet and you’re in that airport waiting for your flight, you might not even finish loading this article, not to mention watching a video!

A little bit better, on the 23rd place is the Toronto Pearson International Airport that has a download speed of 7.14 and upload speed of 8.99 Mbps.

A Huge Increase in Just a Year

Calgary rose to the best free Wi-Fi airport in Canada after the download speed was improved by almost 26 Mbps between 2017 and 2018, showed Ookla’s report. It stole Vancouver’s thunder after last year it was on the second place in North America. Vancouver’s free Wi-Fi is now on the seventh place – still much better than what you’d get in Montreal!

Montreal has also seen an increase in the Wi-Fi speed. It has tripled its speed in the last year, but when you triple a very small number, it still remains small. Perhaps next year it will see a better increase, so you can finish loading this article!

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