On 17 October, Recreational Cannabis Use Will Be Legalized in Canada

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On 20 June, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the Senate had passed the legislation to legalize recreational cannabis use. However, Canadians will have to wait until October 17, the date when it becomes legal to use pot.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said that until 17 October, using pot is illegal, and “it is important to state that up front.”

Trudeau explained why the month of October was chosen. The provinces will have enough time by then to prepare for the new regime, and he also said that he’s confident Canada’s decision will be a “smooth success,” adding that:

“The provinces have asked us for more time than they originally thought they would need to get the implementation right and I think we all agree it’s important to get this right and not rushed

The Ontario government will open 40 stores this year, all controlled by the government. By 2020, they will open a total of 150. By the end of this year, there are already four sites chosen in Toronto.

Ontario Cannabis Store outlets will be both stand-alone shops and online shops, and they will be run by a subsidiary of the LCBO. The LCBO stated that it will be ready by 17 October and that they’re happy to work “with the new administration on providing legal and safe access to cannabis for Ontarians.”

Driving Under the Influence and Growing Pot at Home – Two Important Issues

Meanwhile, the police are still trying to find a way to detect drivers under the influence of cannabis.

There is another issue: federal legislation allows that a household to have four pot plants, but Quebec and Manitoba will not permit people to grow marijuana at home. Regarding that matter, Wilson-Raybould said that:

“It’s not the position of the federal government to challenge particular provincial laws.”

The problem with home cultivation could have various ramifications, said the Ontario Real Estate Association. Buildings can be damaged because of humidity and mold, and growing cannabis on a small-scale could pose health and safety issues.

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