The Company Amazon Blows the Wind of Change Over the American Cities

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Amazon searching high and low for a second-quarter receives great feedback from American cities. To host Amazon’s company, Americans are motivated to reshape infrastructure and educational system.

Cities got major projects off the ground when it comes to tech giant Amazon. Delayed plans are now carried out with the aim to make a better overview. High on Amazon’s requirements list for a home base are education and infrastructure matters. In exchange, he promises 50,000 jobs. ”I’m not sure we’ve ever seen it on the same scale as the Amazon HQ2 search,” Sean Slone, who manages infrastructure and transportation policy for Council of State Governments.

Better public transport networks

Wall Street Journal states that after being rejected by HQ2 requirements, Detroit votes a better transit system from regional suburbs to the city. Another competitor, Atlanta, consolidated this year the public transport networks.

Washington Post says Virginia, Maryland and Washington supply with $500 million a year the Metro rapid transportation system. Same for Georgia that spends money like water to develop a bus rapid transit corridor in a crowdy area of Atlanta.

New educational areas of expertise

Cincinnati, Kansas City, Sacramento are putting now a real effort in preparing computer science teachers, new IT courses and full support for their students.

Ryan Weber, leader of a local activist group that sustain tech education, KC Tech Council “You can draw a loose line between Amazon and the legislation that just passed […] I think it was made a priority because of the Amazon response ”

According to Wall Street Journal, even it looks like Amazon offer is the singular stimulant for cities improvement, it’s not true. The accepted challenge was like a mirror for the problems they were already facing for too many years. The one that failed in the first place become more competitive and made clear their priorities.

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