NASA is losing ”Space” Ground in Front of New Ventures

Space giant, NASA, managed a long time space flights for USA. But times are changing and NASA ‘is giving space‘ to other space stations. Since 2009, 300 space startups gained $15 billion.

Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic

Jezz Bezos, the founder of site says he will ease space trips in 2019 within Blue Origin. Also, Richard Branson carries the same promise thourghout his promiseVirgin Galactic.


Accion developed the researches on the base of former candy factory Schrafft, from Charlestown. Accion’s products are making possible the leading of tiny satellite in outer space. The fierce competition over little ion thrusters manufacturing is carried against Busek Co. Inc.

Analytical Space

Analytical Space, a local company grounded by Cambridge, has the purpose to innovate data transmitting from space to Earth. Because the process can be tricky from several points – technical problems, low radio signal, a huge amount of information- they are creating special satellites to help the existing ones.“You’re generating a lot of data in orbit, but there’s a big bottleneck getting that data to Earth,” said  Abdul Mohsen Al Husseini, chief technology officer. Intercepting the radio waves via laser, Earth receives photos in minutes instead of hours. In May, this year, the first satellite found his way into orbit and is still under tests.

Draper Laboratory and MIT

Senior large organizations are standing on positions. Draper Laboratory and MIT are contributing with significant researches since 1960s. Draper bound a collaboration with new ventures – Blue Origin, SpaceX andSierra Nevada Corp. Also supplies with resources a startup from Sanford, Maine, Valt Enterprises. He spent money like water creating 22 Valt prototypes rocket, that flight from a blueberry field.

“The folks that are working in the fields, if they’re there, they’ll stop and watch the things go up. It’s really impressive.”- said Hoose. He hopes to send them for a real mission in 2021. Nowadays, NASA contracted Sierra Nevada to start flights in 2020. Meanwhile, Draper will sustain the mission of creating automatic software.

”There’s a tremendous amount of enthusiasm in the industry […]That’s translating into more work.” Peter Hruby, Busek’s head of Accion business development.

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