Elon Musk Might Soon Reveal Updates on SpaceX’s BFR

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s plans for reaching Mars will come true, but it will take many years of developing the technology to get a manned crew on the Red Planet. However, people still want to find out more about it. And Elon Musk likes to please his followers on Twitter, announcing he has some updates on the BFR:

The BFR is a craft that will be used to get on Mars. It is 348 feet, the size of national monuments! At this immense size, the company will surely need a lot of time to build it, but on Saturday, Musk decided it was time to tease people about the enormous rocket. Twitter user Chris B-NSF asked if there’s any info on the BFR, Musk answering that it would be in “a month or so.”

Will We Hear More About the BFR in “a month or so”?

It sounds like great news, but Elon Musk is also an optimistic person when it comes to deadlines, and there is a possibility we won’t really hear more details about the BFR the next month. We’re saying this, looking back at the Tesla Model 3 which was meant to be sent to the people that purchased it, with the goal of reaching 5,000 cars per week – a timeline delayed a lot more than expected.

Back to the BFR, what we know is that it has two components: it has a first stage booster and a second stage ship. The booster will have 31 Raptor engines and will use a new system with liquid oxygen and methane to create 5,400-tons liftoff thrust. The ship’s cargo area could fit over 200 people.

SpaceX’s plans for the first unmanned mission to Mars would be sometime in 2022, setting the groundwork for crewed missions, which should start in 2024.

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