NASA Commercial Crew Program for Space Station to Be Delayed

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NASA had a plan to send astronauts in space (last time this happened it was 2011), but it seems that it was delayed because the safety measures were incomplete and there were some culpability hovels in the commercial crew program of the agency.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration commercial crew program chose SpaceX and Boeing Co to prepare astronauts to send to space in 2019, as they’re supposed to use the Dragon and Starliner spacecrafts.

As per a recent report, the problems that could delay the launch will have an unexpected outcome, of a nine-month gap. This does not mean that both SpaceX and Boeing are not doing changes, they’re actually making progress when it comes to their crew transportation system, but they both delayed the whole thing until 2019.

Boeing currently works with NASA to make sure that it is safe to fly with CST-100 Starliner. However, NASA did not make any comments regarding the activity of SpaceX.

Boeing and Space X’s plans

It is known that in 2014, both Boeing and Space X received money – $4.2 billion and $2.6 billion – to build crew transportation systems while taking into account the commercial crew program, which is NASA’s leader campaign to utilize the private sector for ISS missions.

As per the report, NASA also made a statement in which it said that the company is working with their partners to make sure everything is okay and to make plans in case future delays occur again.

Before both SpaceX and Boeing can send people to space, they have to show that their crew systems are safe for those people. They’re tracking the possible safety issues on the crew capsules of the companies, such as a Boeing Starliner abort system, that is supposed to expel the capsule if an explosion happens.

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