Rocket Launched by Blue Origin Reaches Higher Levels than ever before

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Blue Origin, the company owned by the Jeff Bezos, the chief executive officer of Amazon, has shot a new capsule into space. The capsule reached higher levels than ever before. The booster and the capsule, which both have previous flights in their history, landed successfully. It was the ninth test flight that took place and it lasted a total of 11 minutes.

The rocket, named New Shepard, has been an enormous success being launched from west Texas. After taking off and the booster being separated, the capsule’s escape motor started uplifting the capsule to a high altitude of 74 miles ( about 389,846 ft).

A very important innovation was tested along with the launch of the rocket, a new way of coming back down. What does this mean? A crew capsule will allow potential astronauts to escape at any point during the rocket being in space. This is a major advantage and a potential lifesaving measurement in case of emergencies. It is a new part of a safety system which is intended to help save lives once tourists and other people will start to come on board of the rockets.

The rocket launched had also had a passenger on board, Mannequin Skywalker, which is a dummy in a blue flight suit which is not at its first flight, also being a veteran in participating in science experiments.

Bezos declared in a tweet that the Crew Capsule still looks good even after it was pushed by the escape test, also being confident that astronauts would have had an amazing ride and also a very safe landing.

Amazon’s chief wish is to send people and payloads into space from Cape Canaveral, with the help of the big and powerful rocket New Glenn which is still under construction. Blue Origin had not revealed when it will start selling tickets or how much will a flight cost, even though Ariane Cornell, the launch commentator, promised to have this revealed soon.

If you wonder from where does Bezos take the names of his rockets, well you will be surprised to find out that he was inspired by the first Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard, who was the first American in space and also by John Glenn, the first American who orbited around the Earth.

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