Remarkable Picture Taken Showing Mars’ Reflection in the Sea

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A photographer just took a breathtaking picture of the Red Planet reflecting in the ocean and it will leave you speechless. As we know by now, Mars is the closest to Earth in the last 15 years. Not only that, but it is also brighter than it has been ever since 2003. The planet is expected to come even nearer to us.

You will not be able to stop looking at this stunning picture

The remarkable picture was taken by photographer Abdul Dremali and you can notice the bright-colored Mars next to the stars, along with the planet’s reflection that is illustrated as a vivid line across the sea in Rhode Island. You can also see the majestic shining Milky Way in this image, and of course, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the extremely bright orange Mars up in the sky.

Abdul, who is 29, took this amazing picture as the Red Planet was rising above the horizon on 13th of July at 10 p.m., on Rhode Island. He mentioned that he is “an active astrophotographer”, which means that he’s always aware of what is happening up in the night sky, trying to capture the most beautiful shots of the stars or rare events, such as the one that we can observe at the moment.

He was updated with the current situation on Mars regarding the dust storm, as well as with the fact that the planet is so close to Earth. The photographer also added that Mars is his fifth favorite planet and he took pictures with it the whole summer.

Mars will get even closer at the end of this month

According to scientists, Mars is expected to move again closer to our planet later this month. After that, the next time when the planet is presumed to get closer to Earth in a similar way is in 2035. At the end of July, when Mars will move nearer to us, it will look 1.8 times brighter than Jupiter.

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