Dubai Workshop Shows How Life on Mars May be Made Possible

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Life on Mars seems quite impossible in the current conditions. Lethal levels of ration, no air to breathe or air pressure and low gravity combine for a pretty hostile cocktail. Yet these hazards may be overtaken faster than some may be led to believe. Assembled in Dubai a group ranging in age from teenager to early 20’s discussed for 3 days what can be done to make the planet-friendlier for a future human civilization.

The workshop was organized by the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation under the title: Living on Mars. More than 60 participants constituted a massive think tank in order to create at least 8 designs for a habitable colony or housing project. In essence, they thought how to overcome future challenges with current resources.

The participant were so dedicated that they even skipped lunch and arrived earlier in order to work on their projects in order to progress as fast as possible. It is not surprising that they were so involved in the contents of the project, as space and space-related issues are a favorite topic among young people. The results were impressive according to Raffi Tchkerian, the guide of the workshop and industrial aerospace designer and researcher.

One of the ideas was to retrofit the ship in order to convert it into a colony once it has landed. They can be used as bases and maximize the use of available resources. A problem highlighted from the start was the fact that not everything needed may be brought from Earth to the Red Planed, as rockets can carry only so much and it is important to bring what can be best used for several situations.

The students offered a spectacle of creativity and intelligence, suggesting such plans as the use of lava tubes for underground colonies and strategic placements near key resource sites. The contribution will further enhance the UAE plans of building a colony on Mars by 2117.

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