Get Prepared For 1 Hour And 45 Minutes Of Total Lunar Eclipse, This Friday

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The longest lunar eclipse of all time, will happen on Friday and will last about 1 hour and 45 minutes, while the total lunar eclipses last no more than an hour.

The moon will be on the same line with the Sun and Earth, and it will be placed in the middle of the Earth and the Sun, said CNN.

This lunar eclipse will be soft north of the Earth’s shadow, and it might be the longest eclipse for this time.

People all around the world will have the chance to see a deep red Blood Moon. This thing occurs due to the fact that the moon is perfectly eclipsed and because of the sunlight, it appears red.

Because the moon is usually not perfectly aligned with the Sun and the Earth, we do not get lunar eclipses each lunar period. From over 350,000 km, you can see on the Moon’s surface, the light of the sunset and sunrise of the Earth.

“If you were on the Moon, you would see a total solar eclipse as the Earth would be blocking the Sun,” Brad Tucker from CNN, an astronomer at the Australian National University’s Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

You can see it all around the globe, but the best view will be reserved for the Eastern Hemisphere – New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe, and  Africa.  However, in North America cannot be seen.

If you are lucky to be in Madagascar or the Middle East, have a seat right at the midnight and stare at the moon. Depending in which direction you are going, to the left or right of these locations, you will have to look closer to the moonset or moonrise.

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