NASA Hasn’t Come Up With A New Spacesuit For Moon Visits

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NASA’s achievements when it comes to space exploration are undeniable. However, it appears that problems can occur even when it comes to NASA. When it comes to special missions, a lot of equipment and tech is needed. However, one of the parts that might be overlooked is represented by the astronaut suits.

Spacesuits are essential for astronauts and they can’t go on spacewalks without them. The suits used for the previous moon mission can no longer be used and they are all placed in museums. According to reports, the situation is quite unfortunate when it comes to spacesuits.

No upgrades since the 70s

NASA needs to make spacesuits a top priority. The design of the suits is the same since the 1970s, and they are quite massive, which can be a big disadvantage. Astronauts still have to wear them, and only 11 of the 18 original suits are still working. To make things even worse, there are only three sizes available, which can tricky for astronauts.

NASA invested $200 million in projects that were meant to create new spacesuits. Various contractors came up with prototypes, but none of them proved to be functioning hardware. Since new lunar missions are approaching, astronauts require an upgrade when it comes to their spacesuits.

New suits should be designed, and according to Pablo de León, a space suit-designer, and professor at the University of North Dakota, “’a new program to develop a new suit is something should have been done in early ’90s”. The new spacesuits should be a lot more flexible and lighter while still providing pressure and breathable air, as well as protection from radiation. Additionally, it should be easier for astronauts to take them off and put them on.

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