Six Canadian Provinces and Over 90 Heat Warnings – This is a Glimpse Into the Future

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Canadians are warned about the high temperatures in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Ontario.

Until a few hours ago, officials issued 94 hear warnings for the six provinces. Environment Canada stated on their website that residents in those areas should expect temperatures over 30s C, with the real feel reaching 40 C, considering the humidity.

A moment of respite will appear during the night but don’t expect less than 18 C.

Portugal broke their record in the hottest temperature ever for the past 37 years (in 1981, 43 C) on Saturday afternoon, when the temperature in Lisbon reached 44 C. Other 26 areas close to Lisbon have experienced heat records.

Climate Expert Says This is a “Dress Rehearsal”

David Phillips from Environment Canada is a climate expert and warns that the hot temperatures all over the world in the past months will keep happening in the future, so this heat wave is a “dress rehearsal” for what we’ll experience in the next years:

“This kind of global heatwave and extreme temperatures that we’re seeing this summer is really going to be summer in the future. We won’t be talking about it in 30 to 40 years because that will be the normal kind of condition.”

In July there were also record highs in other countries from Europe (Finland, Norway, UK, Ireland, France)

He explains that this is a global heatwave, because all four continents have experienced it, and in unlikely places:

“In Africa they’ve had the warmest temperatures they’ve ever had. As we speak, parts of Portugal and Spain have heat warnings out. And also north of the Arctic circle too. Everybody is sharing in this fact that this summer is very, very warm.”

What worries him the most is that another record-setting temperature was last month in Death Valley, California, when temperatures reached almost 53 degrees Celsius for four days.

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