Man-Made ‘Star’ Will Be Delivered Into Space In October

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Apparently, someone has had a goal of delivering a man-made star out into space. The brand new object will be visible in the night’s sky starting with October, when the Orbital Reflector will be launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

What is it?

It represents a sculpture with the size of a football field. Resembling a diamond, this work of art was created by the hands of Trevor Paglen. SpaceX has agreed to deliver it to space with its Falcon 9 rocket, placing it 350 miles above the Earth.

After it will be launched sometime in late October, the Orbital Reflector will go around the Earth once every 90 minutes, making it visible to us as if it were a bright star, about 4 times a night.

Why did they want to do this?

The people at SpaceX plan to attach it to a minor satellite, carrying along Earth’s orbit for about 3 weeks. After this, it will be brought back towards our planet, starting to burn once it enters our atmosphere.

Trevor Paglen knows exactly what it represents. According to him, we live in an era of mass surveillance and data abuse all across the globe. Apparently, this is what the Orbital Reflector stands for.

A project that requires hard work

For it to look as a star from the Big Dipper, slowly moving on the night’s sky, as Mr. Paglen says, a lot of hard work was and still is necessary. It will enter a sun-synchronous orbit, after which it will slowly start to fall as it starts to burn.

This isn’t something that can be done by any artist inside their studio. It took tremendous amounts of logistical work to make it happen and the major concern is placing it among the satellite network just outside our planet.

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