Take Advantage of your Last Chance to see the Perseid Meteor Shower This Week

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Since 36CE and annually, skywatchers around the world has got their attention drawn by a light show. The event we are talking about is the Perseids meteor shower which begins at the start of July and lasts over a month. It was named after the constellation from which the shower start which was also after Perseus’ children, the Greek God. If you want to see more of this light show or you have not seen it yet, take your notes from what you read below.

How and when can you see the Perseids shower?

The Perseids can be seen from 17th of July to 24th of August, according to National Geographic. During this week (August 12-13), almost 90 meteors could be seen streaking hourly across the sky because it was the peak of the showers. Visibility also had a better quality due to the crescent moon’s fade light that gave space to the Perseids to shine.

The shower was best seen from Italy, Macedonia, Las Vegas, Colorado, and Greece, the northern hemisphere of the Earth according to the breath-taking photos posted on Space.com.

If you want to benefit from your last chance to see the shower, get as far away as possible from the urban city lights and download a SkySafari app that can give you detailed information about in which part of the sky you need to look up.

If this sounds too hard, you can wait for next year’s live stream as the one presented on 12nd of August by Slooh.

However, it is unknown for how many years this event will be available so you would better take your loved one and go on a Perseids search in 2018.

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