No More Swimming in the Ocean Due to its Low pH

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The Ocean and its animals’ habitats and plants are already under threat from the plastic waste.

The human race has been the cause of the damaged underwater world, and according to Earth and Planetary Science Letters’ recently published study, there is another thing we are doing wrong.

Excessive CO2 emissions do not only cause global warming

A scientist team from theUniversity of Cardiff in Wales has conducted a study which’s results say that when Earth’s temperature rises by three degrees Celcius, the carbon dioxide levels will return to how they 14 million years ago. Global warming is moving fastly, and by 2100 the pH will dramatically drop.

If the water’s oH drops, the ocean becomes more acid because it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere.

We will have the oceans of 14 million years ago period

The scientists examined the pH value of the water and the CO2 content of the past 22 million years.

After the examination of the water’s pH value and its CO2 content from the past 22 million years, the scientist has realized that the issue will be more severe, according to Sindia Sosdian, the lead author of the study.

The co-author of the study, Carrie Lear, has also said that the current pH value is not right either.

We can no longer avert the catastrophic damage to marine life

There are still a lot of further experiments to be conducted in order to establish what ramifications this change will entail, but we can not deny one thing already proven.

A lot of the species who rely on underwater plants as food sources will become extinct alongside with the future and existing coral reefs all due to the over-acidification of the water.

Do not wait and change into the no waste lifestyle if you want your grandchildren’s children to enjoy a day at the beach.

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