Mysterious Coincidence Occurred In A Hospital In Arizona As 16 Nurses Got Pregnant Almost At The Same Time

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The ICU of the Banner Desert Medical Centre in Mesa, Arizona, got in the news today for a very mysterious coincidence that stunned the social media and is puzzling the hospital’s patients for some time now. A group of no less than 16 nurses, all working in the hospital’s ICU, got pregnant almost at the same time.

More interestingly, the pregnant nurses became aware of the bizarre coincidence only when they joined a local Facebook group dedicated to pregnant workers of the respective hospital.

“This isn’t an easy job to have when you’re pregnant and not feeling well all the time, so it’s nice to share stories and have that support, and then you find out how supportive your co-workers are of you, and your management team, so it’s been a good experience,” stated nurse Ashley Atkins for the KPHO-TV station.

The majority of the pregnant nurses are set to give birth somewhen between October this year and January 2019.

16 nurses working at an ICU of a hospital in Mesa, Arizona, got pregnant almost at the same time

There was a big surprise for the hospital’s administration when the mysterious coincidence became known, but they are not worried about the moment when the 16 nurses would be on the maternity leave.

“We’ve been planning this for months, so we feel very confident that we’re going to have plenty of ICU nurses to take care of patients,” stated Heather Francis, Nursing Director at the Banner Desert Medical Centre in Mesa, Arizona.

However, the nurses will keep on working in the ICU of the Banner Desert Medical Centre as long as they will be capable of, but only if they respect stricter precautions since “certain infections, and then also chemotherapy drugs, can be very toxic to the fetus,” as Heather Francis explained.

The mysterious coincidence of the 16 nurses of the same ICU that got pregnant at the same time has amused the social media followers and puzzled the patients who are frequently baffled when they see all the 16 pregnant nurses in the cafeteria.

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