Would You Drink Camel Milk? It’s Considered The Next Best Milk

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There are many people who are lactose intolerant and cannot drink milk because of the extreme digestive reactions. This is how alternatives started to storm the supermarket. You see nut, goat, and yes – insect milk!

What might be very new and weird on the shelves is camel milk – the newest contender in the dairy section.

Nutrition Experts Say It’s a Great Alternative

According to nutritionists, camel milk has a similar taste like cow’s milk. It is a lot more filling and satisfying and it has five times more Vitamin C and ten times more iron compared to cow milk. It doesn’t have allergens found in cow’s milk either.

Moreover, other studies show it can be used in treating diabetes. Dr. Uma S. Dubey, who is an associate professor of biological sciences at BITS Pilani University explains the milk’s benefits:

“This is because camel milk has been shown to contain an insulin-like molecule. Diabetes is a disease in which the therapeutic potential of camel milk can be maximally utilized. It has well-observed clinical benefits.”

A study published in Electronic Physician found that camel milk can boost immunity and has almost the same nutritional level as breast milk: a large amount of antibodies and enzymes which combat bacterial infections, lacking only the high protein level found in cow’s milk.

Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, a registered dietitian, added that cow milk is higher in calories, so whoever wants to drink it, they would have to “pay attention to portion size if you are swapping out your almond milk in your smoothie for camel milk.”

For now, Canadians can order the milk online, which is quite expensive. Considering a cow produces almost 25 liters of milk per day, a camel would only produce nearly three liters, so here’s why the high price – exotic dairy costs more!

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