Lunar Eclipse – When will they Happen Again Until 2050

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There is no doubt that solar eclipses are more popular than lunar ones. We all know about one special eclipse that occurred last year in America when 14 states were left in complete darkness. This was known as “The Great American Eclipse” and it was the first solar eclipse that crossed the whole continent in almost 100 years. Nevertheless, there is another very rare event that is truly spectacular – the night when a full moon can be witnessed.

Total lunar eclipses are awe-inspiring

This year, on 27th of July, the longest lunar eclipse of the century took place, which lasted for three hours and 55 minutes. If we want to witness another similar event, we need to wait at least 30 more years, as we will not be able to observe a lunar eclipse longer than the one just mentioned anytime soon. For those of you who missed this stunning event, you can take a look at a graphic created by RS components that tells us exactly when and where we should expect the next total lunar eclipses to occur in the following decades.

When should we look for another total lunar eclipse

Based on the graphic we’ve just told you about, we shouldn’t expect any long eclipse for the next 18 years. The next such event will take place in 2036, on 7th of August, and it is expected to last for three hours and 51 minutes. You will be able to observe the eclipse if you are located in either Europe, the Americas, West Asia or Africa.

Also, if you are curious to know where in the world most of the lunar eclipses will be visible, then Asia is the place. The continent will experience an amazing total number of 25 eclipses in the coming years. It will be followed by the Americas and Africa, which will see 22 eclipses each, and Europe with 21. As far as the Middle East is concerned, unfortunately, they will be able to observe only one lunar eclipse in the following 32 years.

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