If you Follow a ‘Low-Carb’ Diet you Might be Headed Towards an Early Death

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A new study reveals that the best diet you can follow is one that is moderate, if you want to remain healthy. The researches published in the esteemed scientific journal Lancet their findings and, apparently, they corroborate what most nutrition experts have been saying for quite a while. A healthy diet must include a variety of foods, moderately consumed, including carbohydrates.


For a long time people have been obsessed with how much they weigh and although you should watch your weight, extreme dieting isn’t the solution. However, more and more people preferred low-carb diets in order to drop off a couple of pounds. Those of you that are doing this should find out that you are putting a risk on your health, according to a new study.

Dr. Sara Seidelmman is the lead author of the study and also a clinical and researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. She gave her opinion in a news release and apparently, these low-carb diets that prefer protein or fats to carbohydrates are becoming more and more popular as a measure to become thinner and healthier.

The peril you are putting yourself into

However, she and her team found that the low-carb diets based on animal products are common in North America and Europe could be associated with shorter lifespans and that’s why they should be avoided and discouraged.

More than 15400 people were observed and their data was used for this study. Those that get less than 40% of their calories from carbs can expect to live by 4 years shorter than those with a moderate intake of carbs, 50 to 55%.

Also, eating too much carbs is also a no-no. If you get more than 70% of your calories from carbs, then your life span can become shorter by one year.

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