Fake Moon Set To Move Around The Earth For The Rest Of 2018

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Maybe you like watching to the full moon lighting up the night skies, but, without a telescope or at least a powerful binoculars, you can only enjoy what you can see with the naked eye. Luckily, a fake Moon is going to move around the Earth for the rest of 2018 and will be small enough to be put in museums and various other locations, but big enough for anyone to see the details of both faces of the Moon.

This fake Moon is not a conventional model, however, as it is not presenting the depths of the craters, the valleys, and hills of the real Moon, but those are details you can see, only that they are not tridimensional. On the other hand, the model is accurate, and regarding aesthetics, it is absolutely fabulous.

The big, fake Moon is internally lit and, thanks to that, it really looks like the real full Moon in the sky.

This fake Moon is going for a tour around the Earth for the rest of the year

Designed by the artist Luke Jerram, the Moon replica, known as the Museum Of The Moon, will go in a tour around the world soon, so, if you’re lucky, the big, fake Moon might come in your town, too.

For the remaining months of 2018, the Museum Of The Moon will move across Europe, mostly, from the Uk to Germany, then to France, and finally Finland. From there, one of the fake Moons will “fly” to Australia. On the other hand, some of these artificial Moon exhibits even reached the United States earlier this year, while one big, fake Moon is still visible in Canada at the Muttart Conservatory where will be on display until mid-September.

In the end, this big, fake Moon is a must-see exhibit, at least for its aesthetics.

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