New Details have been Revealed about SpaceX’s Plans to Reach Mars in 6 years

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Mr. Paul Wooster, a top engineer at SpaceX, shared some fresh details regarding the plans of the company to launch the first people towards the Red Planet in 2024 and eventually start colonizing the planet. Being a principal Mars development engineer for Space X, Paul Wooster gave a brief presentation about the plans during the 21st annual International Mars Society Convention which took place on the 25th of August in Pasadena, California.

This Wednesday, the Mars Society posted that conference on Youtube and we can see that many of the words used by Mr. Wooster act as echo for what Elon Musk has previously said during various academic studies, talks or even casual remarks. The genius entrepreneur has repeatedly stated that he aspires to launch cargo missions to Mars starting with 2022 and that spacecraft with men will soon follow, in 2024.

However, his ultimate goals are to start colonizing the planet permanently, by building cities, thus ensuring a backup for our species, just in case the Earth gets ruined by some form of global cataclysm. Paul Wooster used this opportunity to speak and share the specific problems which the rocket company faces and the open-ended questions which occur once the company successfully lands the first spacecraft on the Red Planet.

Men of science know that it is a terrible mistress which can cause frustration or it can be too much to handle alone at times. That’s why Wooster clearly stated that SpaceX will need outside help to solve what seems unsolvable right now. During his talk, the SpaceX top engineer said: “we at SpaceX are very much focused on the transportation, In terms of what will be needed on Mars, this is an area where SpaceX is quite interested in the capabilities, but also something where I think a lot of people beyond just SpaceX can really contribute”.

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