Climate Change Could Turn The Earth Into An Unrecognizable Planet Within 100 Years

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The Earth as we know it today could turn into an unrecognizable planet due to climate change, and that could happen within the next 100 years. At least, that’s the conclusion of a recent study during which the researchers analyzed more than 500 ancient climate records.

During the ending period of the Last Glacial Maximum, the most of North America, Asia, and northern Europe were covered in ice. Back then, the Earth experienced a global warming episode during which the average global temperatures increased by up to seven degrees Celsius. This episode lasted for 10,000 years and resulted in significant ice melting and the emergence of new ecosystems. Practically, that was the moment when our planet shaped up in the form we know today.

The study revealed that the Earth would have the same faith, once again, if we don’t tackle the greenhouse gas emissions which could lead to a temperature increase of 4 degrees Celsius by the end of 2,100.

The Earth would turn into an unrecognizable planet due to climate change

If the greenhouse gas emissions would continue at the same rates, and we do nothing to address this situation, then our world would be the subject of “major transformations” which could transform it into an unrecognizable place.

“Terrestrial vegetation over the entire planet is at substantial risk of major compositional and structural changes in the absence of markedly reduced greenhouse gas emissions,” the study’s report reads. “Much of this change could occur during the 21st century, especially where vegetation disturbance is accelerated or amplified by human impacts. Many emerging ecosystems will be novel in composition, structure, and function, and many will be ephemeral under sustained climate change,” the scientists added.

The scientists concluded that “global landscape change that is ubiquitous and dramatic” is already affecting the United States, and the study they conducted means to be “a wake-up call” for us all to start tackling the adverse effects of climate change.

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