Hog Cholera Outbreak Recorded in Japan For The First Time in 25 Years

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Japan is experiencing its first hog cholera outbreak in over 25 years, the authorities reported Sunday, September 9th, after culling nearly 600 pigs and cutting off pork meat shipments.

Japan hit by a hog cholera outbreak

One farm in Central Japan witnessed the death of 80 pigs during this week after the animals caught the lethal disease, as reported by an agricultural ministry official for the AFP. He added that the test for classical swine fever yielded negative results earlier this week. However, another set of tests showed positive for hog cholera which resulted in the culling of not less than 610 pigs at the affected farm.

“We are now processing the livestock there and disinfecting the farm,” the official stated. He added that the agricultural ministry’s authorities had already set up sterilization checkpoints on every access road that leads towards the affected farm in Central Japan.

The Japanese government already established some teams of specialists to investigate and estimate possible infection routes, according to Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Tokyo halted pork meat exports

The perspective of a widespread hog cholera outbreak forced the Tokyo officials to cut off the pork meat shipments until further notice. The measure could affect Japan’s economy by only $9 million which is the total value of all the raw pork meat exports to foreign markets in 2017.

This disease, which is constantly affecting many regions of Asia, Europe, and Latin America, affected Japan now for the first time in the last 25 years. Additionally, the officials stated that the hog cholera outbreak only affects swine livestock and is not representing a threat to humans.

On the other hand, the United States eradicated the hog cholera disease, and every case that appears must be reported as soon as possible to the authorities. All the infected animals have to be compulsorily slaughtered while suspected pigs must be placed under quarantine.

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